A team of two

500 nautical miles

Non stop

Genuport GmbH

Enjoy international food products with Genuport Trade GmbH Genuport Trade GmbH based in Norderstedt manages the marketing and distribution of more than 50 national and international food brands in Germany. Established in 1949, the independent marketing and distribution organisation is now one of Germany’s largest importers and distributors of foodstuff. Its portfolio includes sweet pastries, chocolate, sweets & fresh candy, salty snacks, beverages, fruit & vegetables, breakfast products, functional food, frozen food, and delicacies products.

BALTIC 500 is glad and proud to have Genuport GmbH on board who will supply our sailors with their legendary SCHO-KA-KOLA, a caffeinated chocolate that will help the sailors to stay awake. Furthermore Genuport GmbH provides their "Multipower" protein bar to the sailors for added strength and endurance.

Other products from Genuport's portfolio can be seen at their website at www.genuport.de